Residential Digital Permit Parking Program



Fort Lee residents must registered their vehicles with the Fort Lee Parking Authority or you will be subject to the Residential Permit Parking Program’s (2) two-hour limited parking regulations and related violation fines. Business/employees must register for a Business permit to park longer than two (2) hours in a residential zone, or they will be in violation of Ordinance #289-36Q, 1-6,A-G.

Summary of Residential Permit Parking
Permit Parking shall be in effect between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, excluding legal holidays, on all designated Residential Permit streets within the Borough of Fort Lee.
Residential Parking Only: up to 48 hours only for all registered vehicles (7 days a week ordinance)
All other Vehicles: (2) Two hour limit
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (see exception below)

Ordinance #289-36Q, 1-6, A-G
Purpose of ordinance: Because of our proximity to New York City, the Parking Authority is responsible to ensure available parking to our residents. We welcome all visitors to our Borough, therefore, we have established off-street parking lots for commuters and other non-residents. We also offer Business Permits for those working in our residential areas. The Fort Lee Parking Authority is hereby authorized to designate, subject to the approval by the Governing Body, as herein provided, all residential streets within the Borough of Fort Lee as Permit Parking areas in which resident vehicles registered with the Parking Authority may stand or be parked, without limitation, for up to 48 hours of parking time restrictions established by this ordinance. Vehicles not registered with the Parking Authority may stand or be parked for a limited time not to exceed a (2) two hour limit specified and adequately posted by signs.

Hudson Terrace and its surrounding streets, north of Main Street to Fort Lee border and east of Lemoine Ave…Parking for residents and their visitors ONLY, with registered vehicles, on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays.

All residents of Fort Lee are eligible to register their vehicles through the Parking Authority for residential parking, see exceptions.

Residents residing in the Residential Parking Zone A must establish they have no off-street parking available before being eligible to register for residential parking. Off-street parking may include but not limited to public or private parking lots, paid or non-paid parking.

Overnight on-street parking within Residential Parking Zone A, from 2:00 am to 6:00 am is prohibited. Residents of Residential Zone A that have registered their vehicle pursuant to the Residential Parking Program Ordinance, prior to the creation of the Residential Parking Zone A are hereby grandfathered in and may park within the Residential Parking Zone A, only on the street they reside within the Residential Parking Zone A.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit
Residents may apply for a Residential Parking Permit in person or online with the proper credentials (see Establishing Residency). There is a $5 fee to register each vehicle and 2 visitors for each household. These permits are valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance.

Office Hours and Location
Monday 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM and Tuesday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The Fort Lee Parking Authority is located at 309 Main Street, Middle Bldg., Fort Lee, NJ.

Map & Directions to FLPA:

From Address:


Establishing Residency
Please bring the following:
1. Valid NJ Driver’s License with Fort Lee street address
2. Valid Vehicle Registration
3. Insurance Card
4. Telephone or Utility Bill (with Fort Lee street address)
Please note: You have the option of applying online and scanning your documents to our office and receiving approval via email or you may visit our office to register your vehicle in person.

Visitor Registration
Each resident may register as many visitor plates as they wish to keep on file, however, no more than two (2) may be parked at the same time. If you require additional visitor parking, you may purchase them at $.50 per vehicle per day. Visitor parking is valid Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and are only valid within one (1) square block radius of the resident’s apartment or home. No vehicle may park longer than 48 hours in the Borough of Fort Lee without moving. Visitor parking is only for visiting a resident’s home and NOT FOR FRIENDS OR FAMILY TO PARK AND COMMUTE OUT OF TOWN. Visitor parking is strictly enforced. If you have a caregiver working in your home, they are not considered visitors, there is an option for “caregiver” when registering this type of vehicle.

Traffic Pass
Because the Traffic pass is a visual for the Police Officers to allow passage during heavy bridge traffic, we are unable to issue this online. If you wish to obtain a traffic pass, please visit our office, it is included in the $5 fee, however, you must show proof you have registered your vehicle with the Parking Authority before a pass will be issued.

Business & Professional Parking
Businesses and professionals may register their vehicles for $7.50 each daily. You may also purchase a book of 20 passes for $150.00.

Non-Resident, Contractor & Commercial Vehicles
The Governing Body or Parking Authority is aware that residents of the Borough regularly require service vehicles and commercial vehicles to park in designated residential areas in order to properly service the residents of Fort Lee.

Ordinance #289-36Q,1-6,A-G authorizes commercial vehicles to park within a RPP zone for eight (8) hours. The purpose of this grace period is to permit commercial merchants and contractors to provide emergency services to RPP zone residents that can be initiated and completed within a single 8-hour period. Please contact the Parking Authority if you should require such emergency service for written authorization.

Commercial merchants and contractors who are working in RPP zones on a project that requires the contractor or merchant to be in the RPP zone must register their vehicles with the Parking Authority. If you require long term parking due to a lengthy project, please contact our office.

Residential Parking Penalties
Anyone found guilty in the Borough Municipal Court of parking in a Residential Permit Zone without being registered with the Parking Authority as a resident, business, commercial/contractor or Visitor over the two (2) hour time limit will receive a summons with a maximum fine of thirty-eight dollars ($38). If a vehicles is left for a continuous 24-hour period in a residential permit zone, it will be booted at a cost to remove of ($75), such fine to be imposed and collected by the Parking Authority. If the vehicle remains in a Residential Permit Parking Zone for 48 hours, it will be towed and the vehicle owner/operator will be responsible for the cost to remove the boot and the reasonable cost of the tow, such cost to be established by the Municipal Court.